VFX Supervision

Shooting your first feature with effects?

This is primarily aimed at indie type live action features. Just contact me before you start shooting and I’ll help you get the plates you need without costly re-shoots. I can also help you storyboard your action so that the effects stay within the shooting style of the film.

CG Supervision

Is your production in trouble? Behind schedule? Looking to start a film? Dealing with international vendors?

CG Supervision is my forte’. I can consult you on best practices if you are starting out or design and spec out your pipeline and development needs. Proven track record of sorting out stalled or troublesome productions.

I can also handle unifying the artistic vision and making sure the material produced is up to par.

Lots of experience in dealing with different cultures and supervising on and off-site.

Look Development

Not sure what you’re after? Is the look you want potentially too expensive? Before going into production it is wise to define the end result so the target is known later on.

This is where we can help you. By working with your creative team, regardless of size, we will identify the artistic requirements and create a look test for you. This will then serve as the creative template and guideline for the production.

If your team is small and does not have a dedicated Art department, no worries, DB Productions can fill in and make sure you get a nice end result in the end you can be happy with.

VFX & Compositing

Is your movie filmed but lacks punch. Is the cut filled with unwanted elements or mistakes?

Look no further. Matte painting, set extensions, body replacements, an explosion or two… no problem.


Fully animated or composited, it’s all good. I can take your product from start to finish. Idea, storyboard, animatic and production. All the way to the final delivery.

Rush jobs

Are not frowned upon… it’s part of the industry after all. The quicker you act, the faster I can help you.